Who I Am


My heart has been burdened to restore hope in broken women of all ages.  

In the last 12+ years, I have been on an amazing journey. Prior to coming to the Lord, my life was part of a dysfunctional family. There were many triggers, and the difficulties that came along with them were overwhelming. I had no concept of what it meant to care for myself, but adapted to survival mode just to get through the day. Much of what I went through drifted into my walk with Christ. I knew God would bring healing, but what would it take on my part? I must admit, it was not an easy road, but my walk required something very important: obedience. Obedience meant to surrender my ideas, thoughts, dreams, and all of me, to a Perfect, Just, and Loving Father. I had a lot of pain, deep wounds, chronic stress, and found myself visiting the hospital more than family. Over 20+ years of going through some hard circumstances can take a toll. Still, I believed there had to be more to life than just being broken over and over again. When I came to know the Lord, my walk with Him had to be intentional. There had to be a willingness on my part to obey His leading, guidance, and will for my life. Today, that walk has become much more purposeful and there’s a new perspective on life’s circumstances. 

Currently, I have my B.S. in Psychology. i also work for a supplement company called Neolife - a whole-food, Non-GMO, scientifically-backed, 60+ years experienced family - which by my amazing mentor, Melanie, I was introduced to. She restored hope into my life, back in 2012, and was a vital tool in helping me become more aware of what overall healing looks like. This was a main turning point in my life, where I learned and continue to learn varying healing mechanisms. Since then, I have been blessed to be able to speak about my varied experiences and work with women to stir up real hope within. 

My mission and vision is to advise all women of how they can overcome and bring overall healing to their minds, bodies, hearts and souls. Life’s circumstances should not destroy you. 

(Please read my “Experience” section for more)