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Amanda Flores

independent consultant / Educator / Mentor



life's circumstances should not destroy you.


mission, vision,

And values



To restore hope to broken women of all ages. 


To bring overall healing in mind, body, heart and soul of every woman discouraged by life's circumstances. 


  1. Mind : Hope filters the mind. 
  2. Body : Hope moves the body. 
  3. Heart : Hope pumps the heart.
  4. Soul : Hope feeds the soul. 



For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
— 2 Timothy 1:7

The lioness:

she represents a sound mind, strength, fierce love, and power.  she does not cripple in the face of adversity, but stands as bold as a lioness. she needs not to roar, to be heard, but exhibits faith, dignity, morality and holiness. she exudes a humbling confidence. life's circumstances do not destroy a lioness, but she meets it head on and rises above. 



there is hope

All women go through defining events during their lifetime. below are three of the effects women most experience in life's circumstances. each having varying symptoms and can overlap, but do not lose hope. I have learned there are several ways of coping. i am here to instill hope in women by providing healing methods on how to restore your overall well-being: mind, body, heart and soul.

(read "about me" and "experience" to know more)


Anxiety comes in all different forms. it can be motivation to do something, or a very debilitating feeling. anxiety, when harmful, is known as an overpowering and overwhelming feeling of worry, causing apprehension and may lead to panic or other excessive reactions. it produces an array of symptoms, affecting the mind, body, heart and soul

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Fear is another feeling that may save your life or destroy it. Fear, when harmful, is known as an irrational sense of danger or unrelenting feeling of something painful is about to happen. Fear can spin your mind into confusion, your body into paralyzation,  your heart into over-functioning, and soul into destruction. There are different levels and types of fear. 

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Stress is usually the root of where anxiety and fear are birthed. Stress is known to be an intense added pressure or tension in any circumstance. There are different types of stress: acute, episodic and chronic. depending on which is experienced, there are over 1,000 symptoms that accompany this feeling. Stress can be utilized for good, but studies show women suffer higher levels of stress and over 50% fall under chronic. 






Face to face discussion with client (minor must be accompanied by adult). Recording is prohibited. 


Online face to face discussion with client, in a quiet location (minor must be accompanied by adult). Recording interaction is prohibited. 





Discussion through landline or cellular phone with client, in a quiet location (minor must be accompanied by adult). Recording conversation is prohibited. 


If the other methods are not available to you, please contact for alternative options (minors must be accompanied by an adult). Recording is prohibited.  





(Consults are Donation-Based)





A basic discussion of your need(s) and  determine if there are health option(s) for you.




in depth discussion of your need(s) and any health option(s) for you (additional consults may be needed). 


disclaimer: Consultations are not a substitute for seeking a health care professional. Advice is not evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or advise on any present or absence of diseases. consultant holds no responsibility for any consequences that may incur by what is consulted. the client is 100% solely responsible for their own health: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.