Brittany taylor

"So thankful for the aid and advice amanda has provided over the years. The blend of experience, education and talent has proven her ability to listen and provide thoughtful insight. Not only does she work hard to understand her chosen profession, but she more importantly leans on the source of hope: Jesus Christ! There is no mistake that amanda will strive to meet the needs of her clients with sincerity and intent."

Katrina Carter

"Amanda has been a great source of encouragement for me. She has a supportive heart to help focus on what's important. Not only has Amanda provided me with an inspiring motivation but she has also given me a fresh perspective on the difficulties of life. I have been blessed in working with Amanda and am thankful for the many ways my life has improved since knowing her."

Mystasia Nevarez

“Through my walk with Christ, I have had a lot of questions, fears, and doubts arise. Jesus Christ has triumphed over all of them, even those which He is mending and refining at this very moment. God has not only helped me abundantly through each one of my struggles, but He has also blessed me with great love, encouragement, and joy. One of the ways He has done this is through His daughter Amanda, who strives after Him with all of herself. With her love for Christ, she has reminded me of His truth and love. She has encouraged me while also providing a new perspective from the experience that God has given her. I believe that God has now given her the opportunity to encourage others as she has encouraged me, by directing them to Christ and His love. Praise be to God!”